The Preschool classes at Douglass are an exceptional educational opportunity for children ages 3 and 4 who are not yet age eligible for Kindergarten. For Kindergarten enrollment, a child must reach his or her fifth birthday on or before September 30th.

Please visit the BVSD Early Childhood Education Website for additional information.

 If you need to reach us for any reason, please call Brittany Schaefer 720-561-6676 or 

We are requesting donations to defray our school’s expenses for instructional materials and our two online reading tools, Accelerated Reader (grades 3-5) and Lexia (1st-2nd grades). Our PTO has generously supported these financial costs for our teachers in years past, but this is a tight year for school budgets. We are requesting a donation of $20 per student to support your classroom teachers’ expenses in the classroom (both online and in-person), and $10 per student for the subscriptions to Lexia or Accelerated Reader. Some grades have requested fees for subscriptions to in-class periodicals - please visit for information and instructions on how to submit payment. On behalf of your child’s teachers, I thank you all for supporting our school with these donations!

District News

Title IX empowering students to end sexual violence
On Thursday, April 29 we were excited to have more than 50 people come together for our first Title IX Advisory Council meeting. Unfortunately, we were "Google bombed" by outside people that were disruptive with loud music, profanities, nudity and weapons. We had to immediately ask the community who had joined, to log off, and look for a follow up to this meeting for a chance to reschedule with a more secure link.