Intramural Sports

    Douglass students in grades 4-5 have the opportunity to participate in Intramural Sports leagues during the school year.

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    These intramural sports are an excellent opportunity for kids to get an introduction to team sports, in an environment that emphasizes fun, sportsmanship, and skill development, while keeping a healthy balance between competition and cooperation.

    Intramural Sports Options

    • Beachball Volleyball - Fall
    • Floor Hockey - Winter


    Each activity runs for 8 weeks, with games played after school on Wednesdays from 2:30pm - 3:30pm. 

    This is a voluntary activity and there are no fees required to participate.  Unfortunately, the enrollment will be limited so sign-ups are on a first come first serve basis.  We want the experience to be a positive one for the kids, and if there are too many students participating, the kids spend more time sitting, than playing.

    Sign Up Forms

    The sign-ups will happen online using a Google form.  Details will be emailed to all families.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Tim or the school office.


     Meet Our Intramural Sports Coaches



    Tim Eubank{c024dcac-6d8a-441b-ab82-9bc5e317a1f6}Tim EubankTEACHERGP0|#375485de-6b54-4f6b-8500-155f61867ebc;L0|#0375485de-6b54-4f6b-8500-155f61867ebc|Physical Education;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#ac90095b-9ee0-42c4-9b52-26efaebea9b3;GPP|#6ad9fbb3-bf89-49b8-9e36-ddd3131d80d6;GPP|#4d055820-42d8-4f9b-843d-27bc329df1ff;GP0|#549cc945-b672-43d1-843e-840a6b16c0c4;L0|#0549cc945-b672-43d1-843e-840a6b16c0c4|Specialists;GPP|#a2b06d31-c461-4bcb-b12b-273c96e77b9bIntramural Sports Coordinator720-561-6633tim.eubank@bvsd.org, PE Teacher Website
    Bill Smith{c024dcac-6d8a-441b-ab82-9bc5e317a1f6}Bill SmithTEACHERChess Club Coordinator; Intramural Sports CoachGP0|#76c88f82-80a0-4839-83db-f3bde73356d4;L0|#076c88f82-80a0-4839-83db-f3bde73356d4|3rd grade;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#07b53fa8-c2a8-4f4d-9b2a-5d157a6d7826;GPP|#fcb3d91a-5cf6-4a61-a3a4-04ac8b9fba73;GPP|#4d055820-42d8-4f9b-843d-27bc329df1ff720-561-6670bill.smith@bvsd.org, 3rd Grade Teacher Website