Student Council

    Fourth and fifth grade students are invited to apply for positions on the newly formed Douglass Student Council. The council will have a lot of fun planning activities, attending meetings, making announcements and helping around the school. Along with the fun comes responsibility. The Student Council will be looked up to and watched by students of all ages therefore they need to be good examples at all times, in all places and in all things.

    Please watch for these community and school focused projects and help support their efforts. 

    Boulder Valley Rotary Club Coat and Book Drive

    With the help of our students and community, we collect gently worn coats, and cold weather gear to distribute to our needy citizens in the Boulder area. This past year over 1600 coats were collected at our school alone.

    EFAA Canned Food Drive

    Our annual food collection starts right after Thanksgiving and continues right up to one of our favorite Douglass traditions, "The All-School Sing".  The hallways are overflowing with canned goods that the students bring hoping to be the winner of a hot chocolate and cookie party.

    Leader in Me Discussions and Bully Proofing

    These young ambassadors work with their peers on ways to improve the climate of our school.

    Spirit Days

    Our student council leaders know how to have fun too.  Look for special announcements about our PJ Day, Crazy Hair Day, and Team Spirit Days.

    For more information about joining our Student Council please contact Linda Taht.

     Meet Our Student Council Sponsor



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