Academics & Counseling



    Douglass has a longstanding reputation as a neighborhood school, offering a challenging academic program, high quality instruction in the arts, and a welcoming and embracing school climate. Douglass has received many awards, including the Colorado Department of Education’s “school of excellence” for high academic achievement and the “creative ticket school of excellence” award for exemplary arts programs. Douglass is the first school in Boulder Valley School District to implement the Leader in Me program to develop self-confidence and skills necessary to be successful leaders.  Parent volunteerism is high, and the staff is highly committed to meeting the needs of all children.

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    Fifth Grade{c024dcac-6d8a-441b-ab82-9bc5e317a1f6}Fifth Grade
    First Grade{c024dcac-6d8a-441b-ab82-9bc5e317a1f6}First Grade
    Fourth Grade{c024dcac-6d8a-441b-ab82-9bc5e317a1f6}Fourth Grade
    Gifted and Talented (GT){c024dcac-6d8a-441b-ab82-9bc5e317a1f6}Gifted and Talented (GT)<p>​​​</p>
    Physical Education{c024dcac-6d8a-441b-ab82-9bc5e317a1f6}Physical Education
    Second Grade{c024dcac-6d8a-441b-ab82-9bc5e317a1f6}Second Grade
    Special Education{c024dcac-6d8a-441b-ab82-9bc5e317a1f6}Special Education
    Third Grade{c024dcac-6d8a-441b-ab82-9bc5e317a1f6}Third Grade